Asset paths

A lot of assets are available in client and game files. This describes how they are organized and where to find frequently requested files.

Note: Files are sometimes reorganized by Riot. This page applies to the latest version.

On, LCU files are exported at the root and game client hashes are exported in the game/ subdirectory.

Files with unknown path are put in unknown/ subdirectories.

Client paths

Most paths from client use the following format: plugins/<plugin>/<region>/<lang>/... Where:

  • <plugin> is the client plugin name
  • <region> is a region name (e.g. euw), or global
  • <lang> is a language code (e.g. en_gb), or default

The plugin name matches the directory name in which a WAD can be found. For instance, for .../plugins/rcp-fe-lol-missions/assets.wad, the plugin is rcp-fe-lol-missions.

With the exception of the rcp-be-lol-game-data plugin which contains a lot of common assets, only the fe (frontend) plugins contain assets; the be (backend) can be ignored.

The region/lang pair allows the client to use different files depending on the region and/or language. It is notably used for translations and censorship of some visuals (e.g. Grave's cigar). When retrieving an asset, the client starts by looking for a match with its specific region and/or language, then falls back to global/default.

Mapping paths from JSON files.

The plugins/rcp-be-lol-game-data/global/default/v1/ directory contains a lot of JSON files, for a lot of game objects. In those, asset paths can be mapped to URLs: /lol-game-data/assets/<path> is mapped to plugins/rcp-be-lol-game-data/global/default/<lowercased-path>.

For instance:

Champion assets

Note: layout have changed and not all champions have been updated yet. For the actual path, always check the champion's JSON file from champion basic data.

Note: most assets from rcp-be-lol-game-data can be found in both LCU files and game client files.

Other assets

Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Obsolete assets

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